What is Metropolicks?

Metropolicks is a romantic comedy novel that was inspired by people’s true dating experiences in New York. The novel centers around five main characters that Felicia and Victor created. Each character has his or her own storyline. The result is a plot that consists of five intertwining subplots. The male and female characters of different ethnic backgrounds, tell stories of comedic situations, romantic mishaps, and risqué situations encountered. Throughout the book, the narration switches from a female character’s perspective to a male character’s.

Since Felicia and Victor did not confine themselves to writing for one specific gender, Victor would weigh in with his man’s point of view on stories written by Felicia and likewise Felicia gave Victor her woman’s point of view. Their writing has been a truly collaborative effort. Many stories that were initially written separately have been merged, and over time, Felicia and Victor have also written and rewritten several scenes together.