The Journey Church NYC promotes Metropolicks

June 19, 2015: Learn how The Journey Church NYC became a major part of the story line of the novel Metropolicks in this interview with pastor Kerrick Thomas.

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The Art of Metropolicks

May 4, 2015: What does ice cream have to do with Metropolicks?

Find out as we talk to Jennie Yip, one of the artists who worked on the Metropolicks artwork, which was inspired by the title chapter of the book.

See more of Jennie's work at:

We've all got some crazy date stories

April 29, 2015: You're not alone. If you're single in the NYC dating scene, you are not the only one with crazy dating stories. Take our word for it. It's not all that strange as Gabby, Pai and Jason seem to agree. But no matter what happens, just try to have fun with it!

What's your approach to dating?

April 25, 2015: And now for some advice on dating. What's your approach to dating? Is it always best to just be yourself? Here's another fun discussion with Metropolicks models Jason He, Gabby Jiayin She and Pai-sen Wang.

What's it like to be Asian and date in NYC?

April 22: 2015: Here's the second part of the conversation with Metropolicks models Jason He, Gabby Jiayin She and Pai-sen Wang. What's it like to be Asian and date in NYC?  Who's more popular? Asian women or Asian men? What dating tips do they have to offer?

METROPOLICKS Being in the Moment

April 19, 2015: Here's the first of a series of videos featuring several of the Asian models from the Metropolicks photo shoot- Jason He, Gabby Jiayin She and Pai-sen Wang. Watch as they share some amusing anecdotes about what happened at the Metropolicks photo shoot.


April 15, 2015: What's it like to be Asian in the New York dating scene? Find out as Metropolicks kicks off its Asia campaign with this video! Before Metropolicks was even "Metropolicks," we had a Halloween Birthday Book party to celebrate the completion of the first draft of our book and both of our birthdays. At the party we captured some of what people had to say about our book and the dating scene in New York.  If you've read the "Sexy for A Day" chapter, you might think that this video could be a scene right out of that Metropolicks chapter.


The New Hunter Gatherers

FEBRUARY 19, 2015: Metropolicks was "brought to life" on stage with a theatrical reading of an excerpt of the chapter "The New Hunter Gatherers."  Here's a video of the reading which features Maria Aparo as Katia, Mieko Gavia as Luana, and Migina Tsai  as Roxanne.

Every Day is Valentine's Day

FEBRUARY 14, 2015: Our Every Day is Valentine's Day video is now LIVE on our YouTube channel

Happy Valentine's Day from Felicia Lin and Victor Scott Rodriguez, the co-authors of  Metropolicks

May every day be Valentine's Day for you and your special someone. 

The Every Day is Valentine's Day video features Maria Aparo and Sergio Martinez, Migina Tsai and Max Carpenter, and Mieko Gavia and Sergio Martinez. 

Special thanks to our videographer: Adam Reichardt, video editor: Isis Nabut and Maggie Law for the use of your studio space.



NOVEMBER 26, 2014: Our "Metropolicks Keep Walkin' On" video featuring a cameo appearance by each of the 15 models from the July 24th photo shoot is now LIVE on YouTube! 

Every year people like the models of Metropolicks come to the Big Apple to make it. This video is dedicated to all of you who have come to New York City to make it big in your chosen profession.

Special thanks to Mr. Robin C. Adams for working with us through all the revisions needed to bring our concept for this video to life. We would also like to thank Maggie Law, the photographer of the shoot, the 15 models and so many others who assisted with the photo shoot. They are listed below. 



SEPTEMBER 26, 2014: Our "Metropolicks Let Love Live" music video is now LIVE on YouTube! It's a part behind the scenes look at the Metropolicks photo shoot on July 24, 2014, and part music video.

Special thanks to the director of our video, Mr. Robin C. Adams for helping us to realise the vision we had for the video, and Maggie Law, our tireless photographer for the six-hour-plus shoot. And of course we must also thank the 15 models and so many others who assisted with the shoot:


Models (in alphabetical order):

Jide Alao

Sarah Clark

Ryan Dawalt

Davide Filippini

Sheila G. 

Mieko Gavia

Jason He   

Lynda Hinder

Kara Xinhang Li

Andrew Nicholas Instagram @andrewnichxlas 

Prakash Patil 

David Rodriguez Instagram @rodriguez.david

Gabby Jiayin She

Tina Telalyan  Instagram @Telatina 

Pai-Sen Wang


Hair and makeup: Kristin Mirabelle, Sara Vinik 
Wardrode consultant: Alice Chin
Assistants: Huaying Chen, Annie Lu,Tony Wong, Deanna Denman


Metropolicks is now available for purchase on: