The Metropolicks We Call New York City: A Guide for Singles (Available for Preorder Now)


Our NEWEST book, The Metropolicks We Call New York City: A Guide for Singles, was inspired by our readers who said that Metropolicks gave them quite a few ideas of things to do and places to meet that special someone in New York City. And it is now available for pre-order on Amazon- CLICK HERE!


If there's one thing we know it's where to meet interesting people in New York and we wanted to share this with our readers. Where do you think we got all the inspiration for Metropolicks?!


The official release date is December 21, just in time for the holidays and Valentine's Day.

Here's a synopsis of the book:


With a population of over 8 million people, how does one go about meeting someone in New York City? Part self-help and part travel guide, The Metropolicks We Call New York City: A Guide for Singles  will offer dating advice and tips on places to meet people from places of workshop to "adult" education workshops. Where else can you travel the world and experience new cultures without hopping a few different time zones?


We're celebrating the holidays and upcoming release of The Metropolicks We Call New York City: A Guide for Singles tonight...


At one of our favorite networking events, The Asia Society Mixer, which is listed in The Metropolicks We Call New York City: A Guide for Singles.

The Wendy Williams Black Friday Show

We were in the audience of The Wendy Williams Show which aired on Black Friday (November 27th). What a fun high energy show it was!

Can you spot us in the audience below?

Here's fun video clip from the "Ask Wendy" segment in which Wendy talks to audience members about their relationship questions- a topic that we are definitely very familiar with as the co-authors of Metropolicks. See if you can spot us in the audience *HINT* watch until the end of the segment.

If Someone Says "You Complete Me"...

RUN! And that's just what we did. We ran down to the Union Square Barnes & Noble bookstore to hear Whoopi Goldberg talk about her new book called If Someone Says "You Complete Me," RUN!: Whoopi's Big Book of Relationships.  We wanted to stop by to hear what she had to say about relationships, that, and Felicia happens to be a big fan of the ABC Television Network show, The View

Felicia meeting Whoopi and telling her a bit about  Metropolicks .

Felicia meeting Whoopi and telling her a bit about Metropolicks.

It was such a pleasure to see Whoopi being interviewed by her former View co-host Nicolle Wallace. Their mutual respect and admiration for each other was very evident. It was also interesting to learn that Whoopi "spoke" the book since she's dyslexic.

Felicia Lin, Whoopi Goldberg and Nicolle Wallace 

Felicia Lin, Whoopi Goldberg and Nicolle Wallace 

Whoopi was wise, witty, down to earth and honest in her opinions, much like she is when she's on The View. Her book is a collection of her thoughts on relationships and the lessons she's learned, which she hopes to share with others in order to help them to avoid unnecessary heartache. During the Q&A she took questions and feedback from the audience and her no nonsense style as the moderator of The View showed as she firmly tried to move things along in the interest of time and to not give any one person the floor for too long.

Victor also had Whoopi sign a copy of her new book for him.

Victor also had Whoopi sign a copy of her new book for him.

Interview with Stacey Stone, host of Family Life Radio

Christian radio show host, Stacey Stone

Christian radio show host, Stacey Stone

We were recently interviewed by Christian radio show host Stacey Stone. In the interview we talked about everything from what inspired the book to who wrote what and how The Journey Church is a part of the storyline. All this talk about New York made Stacey reminisce about the eight years that she lived in New York and how she used to attend The Journey. She even shared a "Metropolicks" moment that she and her husband actually experienced one day on the way to church! 

Listen to the full interview by clicking HERE

And if you'd like to actually READ some of Metropolicks, visit our 30 Days of Metropolicks tab, where you can read 30 chapters of the book.

September 24th: Twitter New York Office Visit

We stopped by the Twitter office in New York recently.

And were given a personal tour of the office thanks to our friend Cliff Kim!

We can definitely see why most Twitter employees would agree with the motto on this neon sign that was on the wall of one of the common areas of the office. What's not to love with the relaxed work atmosphere, free wine and beer and a game room to de-stress?


Now, if we could just figure out how to crack the "Twitter code"...