METROPOLICKS has gone international!

Our first TV interview with a network outside of the USA was with SinoVision English TV. 

Earlier this week, Victor and Felicia were interviewed by SinoVision English TV reporter Lani Nelson about Metropolicks and you can watch the interiew now on the SinoVision English Channel Facebook page, the SinoVision English TV website or on YouTube. The SinoVision English Channel described Metropolicks as, "the New York City romantic novel we’ve all been waiting for, retelling true stories of love, dating, and relationships of multiethnic and multinational young New Yorkers from both gender perspectives." In the words of Victor Scott Rodriguez, "there's a flavor for everybody. It's not one size fits all when it comes to dating in New York." That little sound bite sounds a lot like something that could come from the title chapter of Metropolicks, in which there are several flavors of ice cream and lots of licking involved.