METROPOLICKS at the 8th Annual Love Actually Short Film Showcase

On February 14th, Felicia and Victor were invited to emcee the 8th Annual Love Actually International Short Film Showcase and photos have posted on this website here: and on the Metropolicks Facebook page.

The event takes place annually on Valentine's Day and features short films on the subject of love and relationships. This year's films also touched upon topics ranging from terminal illness to the porn industry and of course there were tales of love in all different forms- imagined love, unrequited love, first love, and forbidden love.

TWO new Metropolicks Valentine's Day themed videos premiered at the event.  And they can now be seen on our YouTube channel here:

The first video is a theatrical excerpt adapted from the chapter "The New Hunter Gatherers,"  which takes place in Year I of the novel, on a Valentine's Day. The reading was performed and filmed at the Metropolicks book release party on January 8th.

The New Hunter Gatherers video features:

Maria Aparo as Katia

Mieko Gavia as Luana

Migina Tsai as Roxanne

Special thanks to our videographer: Syuji Honda and our video editor: Calypso Guo.


The second video, Every Day is Valentine's Day, is something we wanted to share because we hope that every day is Valentine's Day for you and your special someone.

The Every Day is Valentine's Day video, was actually shot about 3 years ago, and features Maria Aparo and Sergio Martinez, Migina Tsai and Max Carpenter, and Mieko Gavia and Sergio Martinez. 

Special thanks to our videographer: Adam Reichardt, video editor: Isis Nabut and Maggie Law for the use of your studio space.