Like a scene out of the METROPOLICKS chapter "Sexy for a Day"

What's it like to be Asian in the New York dating scene? Find out as Metropolicks kicks off its Asia campaign with this video! 

Our book has gone through three different titles. Back in 2011, before Metropolicks was even called "Metropolicks," we had a Halloween Birthday Book Party to celebrate the completion of the first draft of our book. We thought it quite apropos since we first met at a Halloween costume party and and both of our birthdays are at the end of October. At the party we captured some of what people had to say about our book and the dating scene in New York. Now, FINALLY, at long last, we are sharing this video from that night. We hope you enjoy it!

There's nothing quite like Halloween in New York. For some it may be an excuse step into the shoes of another character, or to be "Sexy for a Day." If you've read the Sexy for a Day" chapter, you might think that this video could be a scene right out of that Metropolicks chapter!