30 Days of Metropolicks and ASIANATION TV Launch Party

Join us as we prepare to kick off 30 Days of Metropolicks and to celebrate the launch of ASIANATION TV with an evening full of Asian culture, live performances, and screenings of ASIANATION channel content.

What's the 30 Days of Metropolicks?

It's exactly what it sounds like- for 30 days we'll be sharing something related to the romantic comedy novel, Metropolicks. Every day we will be sharing a chapter of Metropolicks. You'll get to meet the characters of the book and to see what's inside. Learn more about the 30 Days of Metropolicks campaign here: www.metropolicks.com/30-days-of-metropolicks 

ASIANATION is a TV channel created by Metropolicks co-author Felicia Lin, that celebrates everything Asian in lifestyle, music, the arts, news and information and much, much more. WATCH ASIANATION TV channels: Cooking with GrannyMetropolicks and Nicki Sun on FOOTPRINT.tv.


30 Days of Metropolicks/ASIANATION Launch Party

THURSDAY, July 2, 2015, 6-9pm
Libation NYC
137 Ludlow St., 3rd Floor
New York, NY 10002

Tickets to the event are now available online: www.metropolicksasianation.eventbrite.com