Listen to our interview on SiriusXM Radio Show Pia Lindström Presents

For those of you who missed our interview with Pia Lindström which aired on SiriusXM Radio on Valentine's Day, we are posting a recording of it below.

Veteran movie and theater critic, Pia Lindström interviewed us about Metropolicks and The Metropolicks We Call New York City: A Guide for Singles, and the interview aired on SiriusXM Radio on Valentine's Day. As Pia said in the interview, the book (Metropolicks) goes into everything from speed dating, sperm donors, anger management issues, drug use, and alcoholism, but Metropolicks is about much more than that with spiritual subplot lines, and five characters who each have his/her own unique path in their quest for love. If you missed out on hearing our interview, you can now listen to it here: