The METROPOLICKS ebook conversion

The ebook conversion of Metropolicks turned out to be quite an arduous task as described by Felicia in this blog post

Besides going through the actual ebook conversion, the other challenge we've faced is the almost nonexistent customer service or help offered to publishers/authors of ebooks. Metropolicks was put up for sale on four major ebook platforms. On three out of four of these platforms, the only way to get help was to go to the respective ebook platform's "Contact Us" page and to write a internal electronic message. Clearly, the customer service on these ebook plaftorms is focused on the consumer side, i.e. helping customers to decide what type of a tablets, products or books to purchase. There were also several resources and ways for customers to resolve their issues/concerns. But for producers of content, like publishers or authors, the same level of support was sorely lacking. The customer service offered on these 2 sides of the business were like night and day.

So with minimal feedback and support from most ebook platforms, it might be a bit of a rocky start the first week or two after our publication date. In these next two weeks we will be dilligently checking for layout and formatting issues in the ebook. And so we welcome all of our readers to give us feedback on this. Please feel free to do so by clicking here and filling out the form on the Metropolicks website. We'd be extremely grateful for any feedback or comments so that we can make any necessary corrections, edits or adjustments to the layout of Metropolicks.

We've already gotten some very enthusiastic responses from readers who immediately started reading Metropolicks the moment it was released at 12:01 AM on Sunday, November 23rd. Thank you we are feeling the love!