Thanksgiving Week News

Thanksgiving week was a big week for us! 

On NOVEMBER 26, 2014, the day before Thanksgiving, we released the second Metropolicks music video, "Metropolicks Keep Walkin' On" featuring the song "Keep Walkin' On" sung by Jami Jackson and cameo appearances by each of the 15 models from the July 24th photo shoot. If you haven't already seen it, you can watch it here:

Jide Alao, Kara Xinhang Li, Davide Filippini, Meiko Gavia and David Rodriguez. Photo credit: Maggie Law

Then, on NOVEMBER 27, 2014, Thanksgiving day, our first television interview about Metropolicks, which was with CBS-TV show host Donna Drake for Live it Up! was released! 

Shot on location at Maggie's Studio) at the July 24th photo shoot for the Metropolicks book cover and music videos, the segment features an interview with both of us, and footage from the "Metropolicks Let Love Live" music video. Also featured in the segment are the 15 models of the photo shoot: Jide Alao, Sarah Clark, Ryan Dawalt, Davide Filippini, Sheila G., Meiko Gavia, Jason He, Lynda Hinder, Kara Xinhang Li, Andrew Nicholas, Prakash Patil, David Rodriguez, Gabby Jiayin She, Tina Telalyan, Pai-sen Wang; photographer: Maggie Law, hair/makeup/wardrobe: Kristin Mirabelle and Alice Chin.